Tremolo - A Comprehensive Approach

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Tremolo: Introduction & Basic Exercises
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About This Lesson

This 50-minute tutorial is a detailed explanation of tremolo. Tremolo is perhaps one of the most challenging techniques to perfect. In this lesson Taso Comanescu and Ines Thome deconstruct this technique and provide insightful exercises that will help you  achieve tremolo evenness, play it at variable speeds and you will learn how  to relax while using the technique. 

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Donald (Don) R. Denison

I have noticed that a small minority of professional Classical Guitarists use only two fingers for tremolo pieces. These players have noticeably smooth tremolos, Anna Vidovic is a notable example of players who have had success in using only two fingers for this technique. Is it possible that the ring finger, the more difficult, at least for me to command, tends to cause variables in the tremolo? Even on non tremolo techniques I find that if I am having a problem with my right hand techniques, the problem is usually with that weaker and more awkward ring finger. there is no doubt that three finger technique for tremolo can be smoothed out with diligent practice, though It does seem to me that the small minority of professional guitarists using only two fingers have the smoothest tremolos. I'm going to follow the advice given in this tutorial, but it seems to me that not using that more difficult to manage ring finger should smooth out the technique noticeably. We don't use the pinky because of it's weakness and lack of dexterity makes it more difficult to manage. The ring finger while not nearly as hard to manage as the pinky, is at least for me, more difficult to manage than the index and middle fingers. I intend to follow the tutorial's advice, but if I have too much difficulty using three fingers, I'll at least try it with two fingers. I welcome input from you all on this matter, Bluegrass Mandolin pickers use a pick to create sustain. some flat pickers do this as well on the guitar from time to time. It is interesting how players of other instruments and other Genre solve technical problems in their playing. I hope to hear from you all on this subject

Tavi Jinariu

Hi Donald, thanks for the message. Yes, I have noticed as well that Ana does a 2-finger tremolo and it sounds ok. I tried this and yes, it is easier to accomplish than the tremolo including the a finger. However, a 2-finger tremolo does not sound as fluid as a traditional tremolo does in my opinion. Tremolo is a constant pursuit for classical guitarists and eventually I think you should pick one way and practice that to the best of your ability. Cheers!


Excellent. Thank you.