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Why Online Classical Guitar Lessons? Our online classical guitar lessons are designed to help you play actual repertoire pieces in the shortest time possible. Join thousands of other students in accessing the world's largest classical guitar tutorial library. With hundreds of hours of expert instructions you will develop a solid technique and you will learn to play the guitar not just correctly but also beautifully. Enjoy the convenience of online classical guitar lessons at your discretion and pace with a great lineup of classical guitar instructors.

Classical Guitar Repertoire Tutorials

Student Reviews is a truly fantastic chance to study alongside Tavi and receive valuable mentoring, support and encouragement along the way. Truly one the best classical guitarists in the nation, Tavi's expertise is evident to anyone with a trained ear to hear what the beauty of the classical guitar can be. More than that, I believe Tavi to be a person who has a purity of motive in wanting to serve others in the spirit of love, joy, peace, patience and gentleness. Highly recommended for any skill level. 

Kyle C.

I've spent many months on researching and even signing up for multiple online platforms that claim to aid in learning Classical Guitar. The other platforms are very hard to navigate, expensive, and the instructors seem detached from their students. My previous experience is the exact opposite of Elite Guitarist. Tavi treats each video in a way that doesn't require you to have any previous experience, just a passion to learn. The instructional videos are of high quality and I appreciate the supplemental downloads for extra practice. The value of his teachings are well beyond the monetary amount requested to sign up. Tavi is very communicative and I feel like I truly have an instructor that cares about my progress.

Chantal B.

Thanks to Elite Guitarist and Tavi's excellent teaching style I have been able to learn classical guitar from the very beginning, ensuring that I developed proper technique, as well as learning how to play more beautifully.I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a solid resource to learn to play the classical guitar or further develop a beautiful repertoire. With the addition of some talented new instructors, I am very excited to see what will be coming from Elite Guitarist in the near future.

Lucas M.