Tango En Skai

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Tango En Skai - Performance Preview
Tango En Skai - Part 1
Tango En Skai - Part 2
Tango En Skai - Part 3
Tango En Skai - Part 4
Tango En Skai - Fast Track

About This Lesson

Roland Dyens' Tango En Skai is a favorite of audiences worldwide. This flamboyant piece, with its engaging rhythms and ostentatious runs, invites the guitarist to use virtually every technique and sound the classical guitar can produce. Get ready for a technical and musical hike. After slow and careful practice, once you get to the proverbial top of the mountain the view is pretty awesome and the musical rewards are great.

Guitar: 2010 Jose Luis Gil, courtesy of Guitar Salon International.

Sheet Music: Tango En Skai at Strings By Mail 

Learn to play Tango En Skai by Roland Dyens on the classical guitar. Teach yourself to play the classical guitar online with Elite Guitarist and learn to play the classical guitar with the most comprehensive classical guitar lessons, online classical guitar tutorials for beginners to advanced levels.

Angel A. Rodriguez

I can’t download the sheet music?

Tavi Jinariu

Unfortunately, this is a piece we could not secure copyrights for. We have made several attempts to get in touch with the publisher to no avail. We have included an external link where the music could be purchased.

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