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Tutorial Segments
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Malaguena - Performance
Malaguena - Part 1
Malaguena - Part 2
Malaguena - Part 3
Malaguena - Part 4
Malaguena - Part 5
Malaguena - Part 6

About This Lesson

Malaguena is one of the most recognizable Spanish tunes for the classical guitar and an immediate favorite of audiences. In spite of its simple melody, the piece presents great opportunities to improve your right hand technique. You will learn how to play triplets, rasqueados, and many other exciting techniques. 

Guitar: 2001 John Weissenrieder "Garcia" courtesy of Guitar Salon International.

Patrick Kaltenbrunn

Hello Tavi Jinariu, could you please make a tab for the lento part? It would be very nice :)

Tavi Jinariu

Yes, we are working on it. We will post it as soon as the entire transcription is ready.

John Andersson

Further - I have started this, simple enough without musical score. Makes me focus more

John Andersson

Fantastic - this is one that I have always wanted to learn. Are there any documents to go with this?

Tavi Jinariu

Hi John, we will add some PDF files at some time in the future. I wanted to see how doable it is to teach this piece without the score. We are in the process of transcribing it.

John Andersson

It's only my humble opinion but I think it is doable without the score. I regard myself as a beginner, maybe going toward intermediate. I have never done a rasgueado until today. I have picked this up fairly quickly and onto the slower part next. Admittedly no speed yet. I have made a few notes to help me. But with no score its helping me memorize the piece. And its only been a few days. I am enjoying it. I have also just finished Be Thou My Vision. I am getting so much enjoyment from your website. So in conclusion if I can pick this lovely piece without the need for music sheet most people can. There are positives in doing it this way.

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